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Kanara School Study

Teacher + Students + Parents + Staff

Our tool is a scientific solution to help the education system evolve and achieve world class quality education for future generations. It is specially designed to connect teachers,students and parents together which facilitates for greater transparency and accountability.

Take a look on some of the features which make our product unique.

Academic Report

Apart from academics, it gives an insight into student's behavioural and social pattern, a great tool for inquisitive teachers


Not a single student should be left behind. A tool which allows to form and design a strategic plan to fullfill that promise

Progress monitoring

Helps to monitor regular real time academic and behavioural progress of students simultaneously.


A rigorous assessment tool, aided with several other tools can be used alomost in any assessment scenario.

Survey and Form

Taking surveys and feedback from teachers, students and parents is almost an essentiality in scientific form of study


These courses are not limited for students only, can be devised for teacher's training and parental guide too.

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